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hello lovelyyyy

Hello Lovely
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Rating Community
Welcome to hellolovelyyyy
5 auto-accepts
This is a rating community not only based on looks. We focus on all of the things that make you lovely.


For Applicants

♥You must be at least 14 years old
♥Fill out and post your application within 48 hours of being accepted
♥Do not post anything other than you application or comment on anything other than your application until you are accepted
♥Put your name in the subject line, and "Am I lovely?" in the cut
♥Do not insult or fight with any of the members, but defending yourself is fine.
♥You need at least a 5.5 rating to be accepted-- if you are auto-accepted, you start out with a 5.5
♥Make your application friends-only
♥If you are rejected you can reapply one time with better answers and different pictures

Breaking any of these rules, you will be auto-rejected

For Members

♥Voting is done on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest
♥Don't vote just on looks and vote fairly
♥Don't fight with the applicants or any other member
♥You have to get at least 50 points per month to make sure you stay active
♥If you are going on a haitus make sure to notify the mod first
♥All posts should be friends only and make sure to put "stamped/ the activity that you are doing"

Breaking any of these rules will result in one warning and then removal or just removal from the community.


Lovely People
Sister Communities


Picture Post: +3 points per picture
Text Post: +1 point per line
Weekly Survey: +5 points

Cyber Shopping: +15 points. The topic wil be change weekly. Make sure to provide pictures and the cost of each item. You cannot "spend" more than $300 on any topic.
This week's Shopping Topic is Back to School.

Make a Banner: +10 points per banner. Post the banners that you make on the Banner's Page.
Promotions: +2 points each link provided
Weekly Photo Theme: +5 points per themed photo. These pictures have to be in a seprate entry from any other pictures.
This week's Photo Theme is Concerts.

Superlatives;+2 points for participating +5 point for winning. Post your pitures at the link below.
Best Outfit
Vote on Last Week's

Previous Winners
Best Eyes
Best Hair
Cutest Pet

Baby Photo Activity: Submit your baby photos here.


Member of the Month
The member of the month is the person who gets the most points in one month. By being member of the month you get one auto-accept/-reject.
This month's Member of the Month is:
with 275 points

Make sure to fill out the application all the way. Answer after the </ b>.

Mod Information

Livejournals:motherfuckin_ow yourmoderator

If you have any questions,suggestions, are going on a haitus, or have any other problem, please e-mail me about it.